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V-Rod Reinforcing Bar- 6mm x 6m

V•ROD One of Most Remarkable Evolutions since the Beginning of Reinforced Concrete. V-Rod: A Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer reinforcing bar that replaces black, galvanized and stainless steel rebar in concrete that demand durability. V-Rod rod will never rust or corrode and offers 150 to 200 years guaranteed life in your concrete structure, peace of mind for engineers and asset owners alike ...

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V-ROD Fiberglass Rebar

About us. V-ROD is a fiberglass rebar that offers many advantages to fully eliminate the corrosion problem. In addition, lab studies and field testing have shown that V-ROD could offer a life expectancy of over 100 years in service conditions.

Fiberglass Rebar (GFRP Rebar)

V•ROD - #6 (3/4 inch diameter) STANDARD fiberglass rebar V•ROD - #7 (7/8 inch diameter) STANDARD fiberglass rebar V•ROD - #8 (1 inch diameter) STANDARD fiberglass rebar NOTE: The above bar diameters are available in a HM version (with higher tensile and modulus mechanical properties), and a LM version (with lower tensile and modulus ...

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FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER (FRP) BARS FOR CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT Notes to Specifier: This section covers V•ROD glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars used for internal concrete reinforcement. These products are suitable for use where 1) harsh environments cause

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Alibaba.com offers 1,333 fiberglass reinforcing rod products. About 0% of these are Steel Rebars. A wide variety of fiberglass reinforcing rod …

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Reinforcing Concrete Structures with Fibre Reinforced Polymers ISIS CANADA RESEARCH NETWORK The Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence on Intelligent Sensing for ...

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During the last two decades, fi bre reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcing bars have been extensively investigated and a number of FRP bars are now commercially available. However, the use of FRP bars as internal reinforcement in concrete structures is still unfamiliar to many practising Australian engineers.

Fiberglass Rebar: The Status And Challenges Of FRP

2012/01/26 · In addition, the Manufacturers Council of FRP rebar (President: Doug Gremel) was created by those vendors placed in the "contact points" with the aim of promoting quality assurance and other industry standards among manufacturers . ...

Experimental Investigation for Tensile Performance of GFRP

However, FRP rebars are still restrictedly utilized in the construction site. Despite of its numerous advantages, the reasons for a limited use of the FRP rebar as a structural reinforcement are due to its low modulus of elasticity, the brittle failure type, and its high cost compared to the traditional reinforcing steel.

Connecting rebar for concrete slab

What is rebar can be used to build most connections on site – for instance, walls, slabs, beams, 19 May 2018 Reinforcing steel is the best thing you can include when pouring concrete. Reinforcing bars help to hold the concrete

V-ROD in Tunnelling

Jun 21, 2013 · V-ROD fiberglass rebars are the ideal solution for soft-eyes and slurry walls in tunnelling. This GFRP reinforcing bar is available in three different grades. Visit www.vrod.ca.

Fiberglass Mesh for Reinforcing of EIFS and Insulation

Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh for EIFS Construction and Insulation Fiberglass Mesh Reinforcement is a coated alkaline resistant fiberglass fabric used for stucco system and rendering concrete wall. Fiberglass mesh has several advantages over welded mesh in stucco netting uses. over welded mesh in stucco netting uses.

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The main responsibility of the role is to generate new sales of V-ROD® rebar by promoting its features to infrastructure owners, design engineers, pre-casters, fabricators and contractors. Provide technical sales support for consultants, owners, contractors and rebar fabricators in the use of V-ROD® GFRP reinforcing in concrete structures.

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V-ROD is the reinforcing solution now and for the future. Confidence in this sustainable rebar is shown by its qualification and presence in CSA Codes for bridges and buildings, adoption in standards of various owners and agencies and the increasing use in hundreds of concrete structures across the country.

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Composite Rebar The use of glass-fibers composite reinforcing bars has significant advantage. It can reduce the amount of concrete needed by minimizing the concrete cover. In some cases, a cover as thin as ¾’’ (30mm) can be used. The use of V·ROD fiberglass rebars removes the need to ground the reinforcement and improve the quality control

Introduction to Fiber Reinforced Polymer ( FRP) Composites In

Introduction to Fiber Reinforced Polymer ( FRP) Composites In ... (V-ROD) • Raw Energy Materials Corporation (RockRebar™) ... • FRP rebar - reinforced precast ...

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BLOG A FUTURE WITH CONFIDENCE. V-ROD is the reinforcing solution now and for the future. Confidence in this sustainable rebar is shown by its qualification and presence in CSA Codes for bridges and buildings, adoption in standards of various owners and agencies and the increasing use in hundreds of concrete structures across the country.

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2020/04/21 · The rebar bender steel bar bending machine is suitable for various of geometric shapes that are required for the processing of various ordinary carbon steel and rebar in construction engineering ...

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GFRP Fiberglass Rebar - Kodiak Rebar is the United States FRP Rebar Manufacturer, Made in The USA Since 1984. Fiberglass rebar (GFRP / E-CR Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) is the high strength, low weight, non-corrosive, and non-magnetic concrete reinforcement used in high quality concrete design. FRP rebar is used in concrete structures including; infrastructure highways, bridges, ports, sea ...

V-Rod fiberglass rebar

V-Rod fiberglass rebar - since 1987 Pultrall manufactures V•ROD fiberglass rebars by combining the pultrusion process and an in-line coating process for the outside, sanded surface. The company’s manufacturing processes meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

V-ROD Fiberglass concrete reinforcing rebar

Composite concrete reinforcing FIBERGLASS REBAR. It has now been established, with documented proof, that V•ROD rebar represents an advantageous solution in a wide range of reinforced concrete applications. What’s more, it is possible to integrate fibre optic sensors (fiber Bragg gratings) into this rebar to enable real time remote monitoring of structural integrity.

Fiber Gfrp Composite Rebar Regbar Construction

–Regbar Fiber Rebar rod reinforcement is not rusted even in the worst weather conditions. -It is not affected by salt, chemical substances and the alkalinity in the concrete. – When V.ROD reinforcement rod is used in structures exposed to de-icing salt, seawater and chemical substances, the structure will have a longer life-span.


Ammann concrete mixing plants are built with high-quality materials and engineered to guarantee component life. The plants are designed for high productivity and are available in stationary, semi-mobile and fully mobile versions. Other options include precast component and high performance plants.

CRSI: Reinforced Concrete Terminology

JOINTED REINFORCED CONCRETE PAVEMENT—A reinforced pavement with transverse joints typically spaced at 30 feet or more. JOIST—T-shaped beam used in a parallel series in reinforced concrete joist floor construction. JOIST CHAIRS—Bar supports which hold and space the two reinforcing bars in the bottom of a joist.

Fiber-reinforced plastic rebars for concrete applications

This paper reports on the results of a laboratory investigation of a glass-fiber plastic rod used as a rebar for concrete structures. It includes three parts: (a) characterization of the rod, (b) bond performance of the rebar, and (c) flexural behaviour of concrete beams reinforced with such a rebar.

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fiberglass reinforced polymer rebar FRP Rebar is a Spiral Wrapped Structural Reinforcing Rod made from a combination of fiberglass roving and resin. Developed as a superior alternative to steel in concrete reinforcement, FRP Rebar is suitable for applications requiring a lightweight material that has high tensile strength, with non-corrosive and non-conductive properties.

Why You Can’t Ignore GFRP Rebar Moving Forward

President of V-ROD Canada, representative and partner of Pultrall Inc, the Canadian manufacturer of V- ROD®. Aside from promoting V-ROD® to owners and consultants, Gene acts as a liaison between Pultrall, researchers, rebar fabricators and contractors, ensuring implementation at the practical level.

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Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar has proven to be the solution. Lightweight corrosion resistant, and offering excellent tensile strength and high mechanical performance. V•Rod rebar is installed much like steel rebar, but with fewer handling and storage problems. There are several Jetty decks in Australia that have now

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Home / Categories / Rebar and Wire Mesh / Fiberglass Rebar ... RJD Industries V-Rod . Displaying products 1 - 1 of 1 ... professionals working in and around concrete ...

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V•ROD composite rebar has been manufactured by Pultrall since 1987. The FRP composite rebar is made from high strength glass fibers and an extremely resistant vinyl ester resin . The glass fibers impart strength to the rod while the vinyl ester resin imparts excellent corrosion resistance properties in harsh chemical and alkaline environments.

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Fiberglass rebar is a reinforcing material intended to be used in concrete to replace traditional steel type reinforcement. Made from Fiberglass rovings to give the material it’s strength, and a vinyl ester resin to ensure its long life, Fiberglass rebar has been used for over 20 years with excellent results.

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LiteBar LiteBar ( Fiberglass rebar) is an innovative product, provides many of the advantages of traditional materials with none of the downsides. Manufactured with high-quality glass fiber with polyester resin or optional vinyl ester resin. or …

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