Osisanya 2010 Sand Production

Modified approach for identifying weak zones for effective sand

542 Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology (2020) 10:537–555 1 3 and wheret s istheshearwavespecicacoustictime(µsec/ft) andthebulkmodulus(K B ...

Review of Horizontal Drilling Essay

SPE 37131 A Review of Horizontal Drilling and Completion Techniques for Recovery of Coalbed Methane Samuel O. Osisanya, The University of Oklahoma, SPE and Robert F. Schaffitzel, Texaco Exploration and Production Inc., SPE

Emergence of nanotechnology in the oil and gas industry

Abstract The application of nanotechnology in the oil and gas industry is on the rise as evidenced by the number of researches undertaken in the past few years. The quest to develop more game-changing technologies that can address the challenges currently facing the industry has spurred this growth. Several nanoparticles, of different sizes and at different concentrations, have been used in ...

IPTC 15162 Open Hole Completion with Swell Packer Case Study

Omojuwa, E. / Osisanya, ... IPTC 15087 A Predictive Model for Sand Production in Poorly Consolidated Sands. ... 2010 COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY - Swell Packer enables open ...

Badiru A.B., Osisanya S.O. Project Management for the Oil and

CRC Press, Taylor Francis Group, 2013. 781 p. 677 Illustrations. ISBN -13: 978-1-4200-9426-8 eBook - PDF . Industrial Innovation Series . Project management for oil and gas projects comes with a unique set of challenges that include the management of science, technology, and engineering aspects....

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Prospection et Production Prospection et production sont les termes couramment utilisés pour désigner les activités de l’industrie pétrolière consistant d’une part à rechercher (forages d’exploration pour conf irmer la présence d’hydrocarbures) et découvrir de nouveaux gisements de pétrole et de gaz naturel (forages d ...

Numerical Sand Prediction Model Analysis for Sand Onset, Sand

Mechanisms causing sand production are related to the formation strength, flow stability, viscous drag forces and pressure drop into the wellbore (Osisanya, 2010). The critical factors leading to accurate prediction of sand production potential and

University of Ibadan 2010 and 2011 Research Report

University of Ibadan 2010 and 2011 Research Report

Method and apparatus for wellbore fluid treatment

Jun 14, 2016 · A tubing string assembly is disclosed for fluid treatment of a wellbore. The tubing string can be used for staged wellbore fluid treatment where a selected segment of the wellbore is treated, while ot

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Earth & Energy Magazine 2010 by Mewbourne College of

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Effect of Matrix Acidizing on The Performance of Selected

Mar 02, 2015 · The decline rate of production can be defined as a decay constant of any production unit. It is the rate which production drops across a specific time period, probably in days, months or in years. The decline rate of a well indicates how good a sand control completion technique is performing over some period of time.

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ISBN: 987-978-087-438-4 This e-Version is packaged by CardiNET www.cardinetnigeria.com Proceedings of the 22nd Annual NESA Conference, 2005 ...

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US10030474B2 - Downhole sub with hydraulically actuable


sand maker airdrier assembly piccher

Sand making machinery is a general term for the mechanical equipment used for producing artificial sand. Sand maker can crush and screen natural stone materials and gain sand different granularity that can be used in daily life, so that it can also be cal

Kelland Malcolm A. Production Chemicals for the Oil and Gas

CRC Press, Taylor Francis Group, 2009. XVII, 404 p. ISBN: 978-1-4200-9290-5 Hardback . Features Presents a comprehensive description of all classes of production chemicals for the oil and gas industry Reviews past and present classes of production chemicals Includes many non-journal references,...

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Policy statement--emergency information forms and emergency preparedness for children with special health care needs.PubMed. 2010-04-01. Children with chronic medical conditions rely on complex management plans for problems that cause them to be at increased risk for suboptimal outcomes in emergency situations.

Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering

SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS FUNDAMENTALS OF DRILLING ENGINEERING Robert F. Mitchell Stefan Z. Miska SPE TEXTBOOK SERIES VOL. 12 Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering Editors: Robert F. Mitchell Halliburton Stefan Z. Miska University of Tulsa Contributors: Bernt S. Aadnoy, University of Stavanger Neal Adams, Neal Adams Services John W. Barker, ExxonMobil J ...

Distinguished Lecturer Slides/Graphics

What is the impact of any fines on production and downhole equipment? What is the relative importance of these factors? If fines can/do move, it is possible to address potential problems by changing the sand control method, production/injection strategy; i.e., Flux Management, or wellbore architecture to minimize the impact of fines production.

Hemozoin “knobs” in Opisthorchis

Hemozoin is the pigment produced by some blood-feeding parasites. It demonstrates high diagnostic and therapeutic potential. In this work the formation of co-called hemozoin “knobs” – the bile duct ectasia filled up by hemozoin pigment - in Opisthorhis felineus infected hamster liver has been observed. The O. felineus infected liver was examined by histological analysis and magnetic ...

Petroleum Engineering — AUST

Improved Data-Driven Models for Forecasting Production Performance with Uncertainty Analysis. Society of Petroleum Engineers. DOI: 10.2118/178412-MSDocument ID SPE-178412-MS. Udebhulu, Dickson O. and David O. Ogbe (2015, August 4). Mechanistic Models for Predicting Sand Production: A Case Study of Niger Delta Wells. Society of Petroleum Engineers.

well test analysis of horizontal wells in gas-condensate

The first one is the relatively short duration of individual flow periods in production tests and the other is the phase redistribution of the producing fluid in the wellbore. Most production well tests are not long to reach the derivative radial flow stabilization corresponding to the effective gas permeability.


production experience. Also, the concept of sand prediction, control and management is often treated separately. This study views sand prediction, control and management as an interdependent concept (Holistic). Review of State of the art sand


Senior Instructor, for Power Training Technology, 2010- 2013 Training Instructor, to ExxonMobil/NNPC (see below) 1993 - 2010 1993 – Present: Several Companies Worldwide (see below) Dr. Osisanya has taught several in-house short courses worldwide for the following

Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition 2010

Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition 2010 ... A. Odunuga, S. Osisanya, R. Ahmed ... Effect of Sand Production on Pressure Drop for Vertical ...

Nordsøolie , den frie encyklopædi

I 2010 fandt nordmændene Johan Sverdrup-feltet med reserver på mellem 1,7 og 3,3 mia tønder olie, og en forventet dagsproduktion fra 2018 på op til 200.000 tønder om dagen. Der er over 100 felter, men det meste af olien produceres fra nogle få felter:

Dr. Md Motiur Rahman

Dr. Md Motiur Rahman is currently the Associate Chair and an Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering Department, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi. Dr. Rahman has been working as Associate Professor since January 2010 and has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses and conducting researches.

Numerical simulations of wellbore stability in

Jun 01, 2010 · Read "Numerical simulations of wellbore stability in under-balanced-drilling wells, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

Experimental investigation on permeability evolution law

Sand production is a serious problem in the process of reservoir development, especially for weak sandstone reservoirs (Isehunwa and Olanrewaju, 2010, Selby and Ali, 1988, Osisanya, 2010, Adeyanju and Oyekunle, 2010). There are a number of reasons caused sand production, such as drilling, well completion, production and workover.

Integrated Reservoir Characterisation for Petrophysical Flow

Production of the field started in the year 1993 and fluid injection commenced in 1997 when the reservoir pressure declined indeterminately below the initial pressure of 4900 psi. The production performance of the field is 86.5 MMSTB, representing 41.98% field efficiency. The average water cut recorded (2002) was approximately 80%.

A predictive model for sand production in poorly consolidated sands

2010-12. Author. Kim, Sung Hyun, 1983-Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract. This thesis presents a model for the process of sand production that allows us to predict the stability of wellbores and perforation tunnels as well as mass of sand produced. Past analytical, numerical, and empirical models on material failure and erosion mechanisms were …

Energies | Free Full-Text | Cuttings Transport Using Pulsed

During the process of drilling, cuttings transport is potentially influenced by a number of factors, including the production of gas and water at the bottom of the well in the region of the BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly), the compressibility of the drilling fluid, and changes in the temperature of the annulus [33,34,35,36]. Equipment, such as sand ...

An analytical model to predict the volume of sand during

Osisanya (2010) developed an approach based on the production, well logs and laboratory data to determine the initiation of sanding, but did not indicate the importance of predicting the volume of sand if it is initiated.

An analytical model to predict the volume of sand during drilling and production

mental and numerical analyses. Osisanya (2010) developed an approach based on the production, well logs and laboratory data to determine the initiation of sanding, but did not indicate the importance of predicting the volume of sand if it is initiated. Wang

Smart Water as Wettability Modifier in Carbonate and Sandstone

Waterflooding has for a long time been regarded as a secondary oil recovery method. In the recent years, extensive research on crude oil, brine, and rock systems has documented that the composition of the injected water can change wetting properties of the reservoir during a waterflood in a favorable way to improve oil recovery. Thus, injection of “smart water” with a correct composition ...

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