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Concrete mix design submittal procedure

I am a structural design engineer in the Upper Midwest, USA. I have dealt with ready mix plants and contractors large and small, and it seems that few of them know what is expected of them when it comes to submitting a concrete mix design - in spite of the fact that ACI 301-99 and 318-02 both contain flowcharts that make it pretty easy.

Concrete Mix Design Guide

The following is a design guide for selecting proportions for initial concrete mix design for normal weight concrete. This guide references ACI 211.1-91 (Reapproved 2009), “Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavy weight, and Mass Concrete”, specifically Chapter 6, “Procedure” and Appendix 1, “Metric (SI) System

Concrete Mix Design (AS per ACI code) with Excel Sheets and Software Concrete Mix

Mix designer, earlier, may have made trial cubes with representative materials to arrive at the value of standard deviation or coefficient of variation to be used in the mix design. American Concrete Institute Method of Mix Design 11.3 (ACI Concrete Mix Design)

318-11 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and

health and safety standards. Order information: ACI documents are available in print, by download, on CD-ROM, through electronic subscription, or reprint and may be obtained by contacting ACI. Most ACI standards and committee reports are gathered together in the annually revised ACI Manual of Concrete Practice (MCP). American Concrete Institute

feature Specifying Fly Ash for Use in Concrete

tures. Currently, fly ash is used in more than 50% of all ready mixed concrete placed in the United States, yet many design professionals continue to remain overly restrictive when it comes to using fly ash in concrete. Th is article addresses some optimal ways of specifying fl y ash for use in concrete while


Design in accordance with FP and specified ACI standards found in the contract. 2 The ratio of the mass of water, exclusive only of that absorbed by the aggregate, to the combined mass of cementitious materials (i.e. cement, fly ash, silica fume and ground granulated

Methods of Concrete Mix Design: 5 Methods

4. American Concrete Institute Method of Mix Design: Though ACI committee published its method of mix design in 1944 and almost all Indian multipurpose concrete dams have been designed using then prevalent ACI committee method of mix design. Since then many improvements have been incorporated in the original method.

Concrete Mix Design

Scope. Introduction. Basic Relationship. Chemical Admixtures. Background Data. Design Parameters. Design Procedure. CONCRETE MIX DESIGN. The following describes the Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight, and Mass concrete based on a report published by the American Concrete Institute (ACI), Committee 211.

Structural concrete requirements under revision: ACI 318 standard

Jan 24, 2014 · The American Concrete Institute (ACI), an organization whose mission is to develop and disseminate consensus-based knowledge on concrete and its uses, is finalizing a completely reorganized ACI 318-14: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete. ACI 318 is one of the most essential and valuable standards with respect to the design of ...

Chapter 19: Concrete mix design methods

American Concrete Institute (ACI) method This mix design procedure is probably the most widely used throughout the world. The first version was published in 1944 and the most recent version in 2002 (ACI 211, 2002). It allows mix design for air- and non-air-entrained concrete and concrete containing supplementary cementitious materials.

311.5R-02 Guide for Concrete Plant Inspection and Testing of

Guide for Concrete Plant Inspection and Testing of Ready-Mixed Concrete ACI 311.5R-02 This guide is intended for use in establishing basic duties and reports required of inspection personnel. It can be used for all types and sizes of projects but should be supplemented with additional inspection requirements when the complexity of the project ...

Guidelines for Concrete Mix Designs

specifications and in ACI 318. If mix designs are submitted for work specified by multiple design professionals (e.g., civil work) each design professional specifying concrete mixes should make it clear which mix designs they have reviewed. Notifying the prime design professional that some of the mix

Concrete mix design submittals - ACI (concrete) Code Issues

1. How many of you regularly receive concrete mix designs with standard deviation test results? 2. How many of you regularly receive trial batches over a range of W/C ratios? 2a. Do these trial batch reports usually meet the strength requirements of ASC 318 table (f'c + some overage)? I ask, because my answers are: 1. No 99% of the time 2.

Cement Standards and Concrete Standards

Cement Standards and Concrete Standards ASTM's cement and concrete standards are instrumental in the evaluation and testing of concrete, cement, and aggregates. Concrete can have different properties depending upon the mixture that is used in creating it, which contains cement, chemical admixtures, and aggregates.

Mix Design Fundamentals: Considerations for concrete for slabs

While finishing is not any more difficult with low w/c concrete, placement, and screeding require an ambitious crew. Mix design ‘Strength’ is the reciprocal of the w/c ratio—the lower the ratio, the higher the concrete strength. While it may be prudent for legal reasons ...

DOE Methods of Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mix Design by DOE Method using Fly Ash. 1. The Department of Environment’s Design Method (DOE Method): The DOE method of mix design is an improvement over Road Note No. 4 method. This method of concrete mix design or proportioning mainly is based on the extensive field and laboratory experiments carried out by Road Research ...

Which are the norms or codes involved in the process of a concrete mix design (for example, ASTM C33 for concrete

Design of concrete depends on different factors for development like type use, the project specification, country codes etc. It is not any one code used for reference. please find below example of codes & standards i have used in one of my associa...


ACI CONCRETE MIX DESIGN AND ALLOWABLE FIELD ADJUSTMENTS ACI Concrete Mix Design In 1963 the Virginia Department of Transportation realized that a definite need existed to adopt a standard method of concrete design. Contractors, Producers, and the Department itself had used many varying methods of concrete designs.

Best Practices Guidelines for Concrete Construction

6 Best Practices Guidelines for Concrete Construction Once the concrete supplier is aware that a specific general contractor or construction manager has ex-pressed interest in obtaining quotations for concrete supply, they should contact the estimator or manag-er in charge of that particular tender or trade pack-age.


Apr 08, 2014 · This method of concrete mix proportioning is applicable only for ordinary and standard concrete grades. The air content in concrete is considered as nil. The proportioning is carried out to achieve specified characteristic compressive strength at specified age, workability of fresh concrete and durability requirements. Concrete Mix Design

Standard Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete

C1798/C1798M Specification for Returned Fresh Concrete for Use in a New Batch of Ready-Mixed Concrete. ACI Documents. ACI 211.1 Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal, Heavyweight, and Mass Concrete. ACI 301 Standard Specifications for Structural Concrete. ACI 306R Guide to Cold Weather Concreting. Other Documents. NIST 105-1


The test record(s) from the following mix design(s) will be used to calculate the sample standard deviation (s s) per ACI 318 R-05 Chapter 5 section 5.3.1** Mix 1: 314561 Tests 30 Std. Dev. 705 Mix 2: Tests Std. Dev. Average sample standard deviation (s s): 705 With 15 or more test results for the proposed mix design: Per ACI 318R-05, Chapter 5 ...


1. Certified concrete mix design for each strength following ACI 301 and ACI 211. Include dry weight of ingredients and volume of water per cubic yard of concrete. 2. Source of fly ash and mix design for flowable fill. 3. Shop drawings showing reinforcing steel prepared following ACI 315, including bar

ACI Mix Design Example

Keep in mind that Table 4 is rarely used in pavement PCC mix design. Additionally, ACI recommends a maximum water-cement ratio for PCC exposed to freezing and thawing in moist conditions (such as curbs and gutters) or PCC in the presence of deicing chemicals (such as PCC pavement slabs) of 0.45.


Comparison of IS, BS and ACI Methods of Concrete Mix Design and Proposing Function Equations based Design 23 of concrete are cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and water. In addition to these chemical and mineral admixtures have been recognized as fifth and sixth ingredient of concrete in recent years.

Concrete Quality ACI, ASTM & CSA standards - Free software for mix design

Mix design according with ACI 211.1 Absolute Volume method American (lb, cu. yd, Psi) or international (kg, m3, MPa) units Automatic checks for all requirements: concrete cover, exposure, cement content, etc. Easy step by step procedure, no need to go into

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Warm Mix Asphalt is an asphalt mix, which uses an additive that allows the asphalt to be mixed and placed at temperatures ranging from 50 to 100 degrees below standard hot-mix temperatures (300 to 350 degrees). This mix design originally started in Europe and has been in production in the United States for approximately seven years.

Mix design spreadsheet Download - Computerized Civil Engineer

I have created a Mix design spreadsheet. There was also another most economical mix design spreadsheet, Which is capable of finding the most economical mix design for achieving a particular strength of concrete. I have also published a research paper using that spreadsheet. This Mix design spreadsheet I am sharing here is more about designing ...

principles of concrete mix design.ppt

Concrete Mix Design -Definition Concrete mix design is defined as the appropriate selection and proportioning of constituents to produce a concrete with pre-defined characteristics in the fresh and hardened states. In general, concrete mixes are designed in order to achieve a defined workability, strength and durability .

Reinforced Concrete Design

Reinforced Concrete Design Structural design standards for reinforced concrete are established by the Building Code and Commentary (ACI 318-11) published by the American Concrete Institute International, and uses strength design (also known as limit state design). f’ c = concrete compressive design strength at 28 days (units of psi when used ...


2011-06-13 · concrete in Japan, considers the issuance and revision of Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures as its most important activity. Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures (JSCE-SSCS), which show the model for plan, design, execution, maintenance and repair of concrete structures, have been highly recognized in practice

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