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RE: Slump test after adding Super P? cvg (Civil/Environmental) 17 Mar 09 14:10 in over 23 years of experience, I have never seen slump, air or temperature measured before adding an admixture at the site - measurements have always been taken right before the concrete is placed in the forms.

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superplasticizer is similar to SNF superplasticizers, and thus for economic reasons, their application is not beneficial. Ahmad et. al. (2005), It has long been a concrete technologist’s dream to discover method of making

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superplasticizer; similar works were carried out by Heikal et al.12. Xu et al.13 presented the effects of superplasticizer on the electrical resistivity and interfacial transition zone (ITZ) characteristics of mortars. Xiao et al.14 used electrical resistivity method to select suitable superplasticizer for certain cement.

Revealing the Mystery of Admixtures: Water-Reducing

By Brian Miller An admixture is defined as a material other than water, aggregates, hydraulic cementitious material or fiber reinforcement that is used as an ingredient of a cementitious mixture to modify its freshly mixed, setting or hardened properties and that is added to the batch before or during mixing.

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CBD-203. Superplasticizers in Concrete. Originally published February 1979. V.S. Ramachandran. A superplasticizer is one of a class of admixtures called water-reducers that are used to lower the mix water requirement of concrete.


2014/03/29 · Chemical admixtures play a major role in modern concrete materials and technologies. Chemical admixtures generally improved the above properties of the concrete as well as they have also assisted ...

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COSTAMIX 100 is a SNF based, high ranged water reducer specially formulated to improve workability, durability and also reduce permeability. Whilst still improving the plastic and hardened properties of the concrete, mix designs with Costamix 100 gives cement reduction. Batching water is also reduced without loss of workability.

Effects of Nanosilica on Compressive Strength and Durability

The effects of the addition of different nanosilica dosages (0.5%, 1%, and 1.5% with respect to cement) on compressive strength and durability properties of concrete with water/binder ratios 0.65, 0.55, and 0.5 were investigated. Fritz-Pak Concrete Superplasticizer Additive, 7

Less water is always a good thing to reduce cracks as the result of shrinking to make up for the lost water volume when drying occurs. I would recommend using this product bu be careful with the amount used. It is to be used at a rate of .3% of the cement in the mix. Which in the case of an 80lb bag of pre-mix is about 12lb of cement.


ConstraChem products are in the form of chemicals admixtures, precast admixtures, admixtures used by ready mix concrete plant, precast admixtures used by concrete plant and concrete additives which reduce usage of water, improve durability and workability of concrete, and increase compression strength of concrete.

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the useful by products of tomorrow. It is the particular role of plasticizers/super plasticizers, which is very importance for us here in Pakistan, because of our poor economy and less developed industrial base. Besides, the& 1.3: ...

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WATER REDUCERS are used for two different purposes: (1) to lower the water content in plastic concrete and increase its strength, and (2) to obtain higher slump without adding water. Water-reducers will generally reduce the required water content of a concrete mixture for a given slump.

Study of Waste Plastic Mix Concrete with Plasticizer

It was observed here that degree of workability is low when superplasticizer is not mixed in the concrete mixture. When superplasticizer is used, the degree of workability becomes medium till the water plastic content is 10%. The increase in workability is around about 10 to 15% when superplasticizer is mixed in the waste plastic mix concrete.

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They reported that the effect of workability and strength of the geopolymer depends on the type of the superplasticizer used.3 Researchers also reported negative effects of the addition of a superplasticizer to the concrete mixture in terms of compressive strength as low strengths were reported, which may be due to the instability of these ...

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The superplasticizer used in this stud y is Glenium C380. It . is a ne w superplasticizer, which not only suitable for . ... of superplasticizer able to reduce t he flow due to lower .


superplasticizer.Estimation of superplasticizer dosage for desired workability can result in time saving, efforts and materials for testing, and overall human efforts in conducting trials. A variation in the characteristic of cement and

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Superplasticizer has a strong dispersing effect on the cement, which can greatly improve the fluidity and slump of the concrete, reduce the water consumption, and significantly improve the workability of the concrete. Adding superplasticizer can improve the strength of concrete at different ages and save cement.

Powder Water Reducer Superplasticizer For High Strength Concrete

Powder Water Reducer Superplasticizer For High Strength Concrete PCE is a kind of high performance water reducer, cement dispersant used in cement concrete. Poly-carboxylate is used to produce high performance, high strength and flow able concrete. 2) Dosage of Poly-carboxylate is determined according to the 3) Poly

Difference Between Plasticizer and Superplasticizer

Dec 31, 2017 · Plasticizers and superplasticizer are added to concrete mixtures in order to reduce the water: cement ratio, thereby, reduces the water requirement in the production of concrete. The main difference between plasticizers and superplasticizers is that plasticizers can reduce the need for water by 5-15% whereas superplasticizers can reduce the need for water by 30%.

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superplasticizer presented lower cement rate and binder and carbon intensity indexes. The usage of this type of admixture in optimal content can reduce environment impacts, according to the parameters analyzed. Keywords: superplasticizer, ether polycarboxylate, cement, binder efficiency, environment impacts.

Lignopolymer Superplasticizers for Alternative

or develop a superplasticizer that will improve the workability of these ASCM-containing concretes at lower dosages. The goal of this study is to investigate a novel class of polymer-grafted lignins (lignopolymer) as


Admixtures The term admixture as “a material other than water, aggregates, hydraulic cement, and fiber reinforcement, used as an ingredient of a cementitious mixture to modify its freshly mixed, setting, or hardened properties

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useful and important properties. Master glenium superplasticizer is used as super plasticizer in this research. High strength concrete can be made by using low water to cement ratio but water to binder ratio will give more strength . KEYWORDS-silica fume, super plasticizer, compressive strength. I. INTRODUCTION

Effect of Superplasticizer and Wetting Agent on Volumetric

The addition of superplasticizer can reduce the water requirement for obtaining the optimum compactibility of CRME. Superplasticizer can sharply reduce the flocculation structure and adsorption ability of cement particles, and also, it can greatly improve the mixing stability of asphalt emulsion with the cement [24, 25]. Thus, more free water ...

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Oct 02, 2016 · Superplasticizer is a type of water reducers; however, the difference between superplasticizer and water reducer is that superplasticizer will significantly reduce the water required for concrete mixing . Generally, there are four main categories of superplasticizer: sulfonated melamine- formaldehyde condensates, sulfonated naphthalene ...

Superplasticizer Addition to Carbon Fly Ash

2016/07/18 · Results indicate that the addition of a polycarboxylic ether-based superplasticizer, in the amount of 1.0 wt. % by mass of fly ash, promotes an improvement in workability without compromising the final strength of the hardened

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The equivalent superplasticizer to the one used in the video is WR310. I generally prefer working with a liquid superplasticizer such as WR420. 5. Segregation “Sometimes a good concrete mix can segregate when too much superplasticizer is used.” Ideally, all ingredients in your mix are evenly distributed.

Application of Superplasticizer to Reduce Drying Shrinkage

It was found that the addition of superplasticizer to reduce the unit water content by about 20 percent, while maintainingthe constant consistency of concrete, gave a maximum increase of thermal diffusivity of more than 14 percent, a maximum decrease of coefficient of thermal ex-pansion of about 7 percent and a maximum decrease of drying ...

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Concrete admixture-Water reducer-Super plasticizer High-performance superplasticizer for cement based construction materials GlobMarble super plasticizer is especially optimized for plastification and water reduction of cementitious construction materials. Super plasticizer provides an excel

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Accelerating admixtures are used to reduce the initial setting time of concrete. They speed up the process of initial stage of hardening of concrete hence they are also called as accelerators. These accelerators also improves the strength of concrete in it early stage by increasing the rate of hydration.

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As a superplasticizer, Supercizer 5 may be added with the normal amount of mix water to produce more flowable concrete with up to a 6-inch (15 centimeter) slump increase. When used as a high-range water reducer, Supercizer 5 will reduce water requirements up to 25%, ncrease concrete compressive strength at all ages, reduce permeability and ...

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polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a new type concrete admixture for green concrete. It can be used in high strength concrete, high performance concrete, mass concrete and high quality flow plastic concrete. Performance: (1) A kind of anionic / non-ionic liquid admixture, low-chloride, low-alkali, non-toxic, free effect on ecological environment.

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The superplasticizer is very useful to reduce mixing water in fresh concrete, which results in the enhancement of watertightness and strength of hardened concrete. But it has a limit of not preventing steel bar embedded in concrete from corrosion under critical corrosive environments.

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